Winterblossom Bramblethorn

Possibly the most hated eladrin of all time.


What can one say about Lord Winterblossom Bramblethorn, Fifth of That Name, Scion of House Dular, Master of the Arts of War and Peace, Scourge of the Kobolds, Re-slayer of Undead, Master of Disguise, Destroyer of Palorath, Shatterer of Empires?

Sometimes a man comes along whose greed, stupidity, or evil nature brings ruin wherever he goes. Winterblossom Bramblethorn possessed a unique combination of all three combined with a fine military mind, so the resulting cataclysm was particularly devastating. Two hundred years after the defeat of his demon and devil allies, the world is barely starting to recover. Winterblossom Bramblethorn’s name is invoked to describe the very worst kind of sophont.

The eladrin on Windfall Island who calls himself Winterblossom Bramblethorn appears to be a male in his late fifties.* He lives apart from the company of others in a stately manor house, Bramblethorn Manor. Despite his claimed identity, he has demonstrated more talent for magic and scholarship than for war and combat. He is also much, much younger than the historical Winterblossom Bramblethorn should be.

Winterblossom has assisted the party on several occasions with transport and information. He has also refrained thus far from destroying Filibert utterly.

*The late fifties for an eladrin are comparable to the mid-twenties for a human. In fact, everything from the early twenties to the late two hundred eighties are, for an eladrin, comparable to the mid-twenties for a human.

Winterblossom Bramblethorn

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